CABIO History

Since its establishment, the company by microbial fermentation, biological synthesis and microcapsule technology as the core technology, the development of high-end field of food ingredients, main business and the business model has not been great changes. Company main products as the company's r&d, technology upgrade and improve, extend the product chain, rich product structure.
1, 2004 to 2009, the establishment of food safety and EHS (environment/health/safety) management system, and gradually build international standard supply chain
In 2004, based on the industrialization of arachidonic acid technology, the king of olefinic biological predecessor of the company has formed a joint venture with cargill cargill ene king bioengineering (wuhan) co., LTD. Cargill as a well-known multinational company, to build an international standard for the company's food safety and EHS management system, and laid a foundation the company's management and culture. This phase, the company committed to improve product quality and international standards of supply chain system, investment to build the leading ARA monomer factory, new microcapsule production workshop and successively conducted two upgraded, built in accordance with international standards - refining - microcapsule production line, the fermented by several multinational international supplier audit, products for the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise, gradually set up the domestic ARA industry leader position, help the product upgrading of China's dairy industry.
2, 2010-2012, enhance the level of production technology and application technology, consolidate the ARA industry leading position, successfully realize the industrialization of algal oil DHA
As the company's production capacity, and stepping up ARA market demand and the rapid growth of the company cooperation with many famous dairy companies at home and abroad, and in the process of cooperation constantly improve the production process and technology of ARA, ARA products in stability, oxidation resistance, powder embedding stark physical properties such as advantage, strengthen the industry leader status of ARA; At the same time the company built for the industry to provide security inspection and test platform, leading to participate in a compiled by the ministry of health issued national standard GB 26401-2011 national food safety standards on food additives arachidonic acid oil (fermentation).
In 2012, the company on the basis of ARA industry, the product line extension, successfully realized the industrialization of new products - DHA algae oil, product technical indicators reached domestic advanced level; Stage of the company to participate in a drafted by the ministry of health issued national standard GB 26400-2011 national food safety standards on food additives docosahexaenoic acid oil grease (fermentation). DHA, the success of the industrialization is the first step in the company's product line extension, enrich the company's product structure, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the company's market.
3, since 2013, with technology as the core driving force, the implementation of "more products, multidisciplinary and international market" of the three development strategy
Since 2013, the company with technology as the core driving force, set up the nutrition of hubei province chemical synthetic biology engineering technology research center, and with the related well-known enterprises, research institutes to carry out technological upgrading, product widespread application, new product development and technical cooperation. 863 for 2014 projects "arachidonic acid fermentation production key technology innovation and technology integration" project, and participate in the "docosahexaenoic acid fermentation production of key technological innovation and industrialization" projects. Around the core technology in technological innovation at the same time, the company actively for intellectual property planning, at present, the company has nine invention patent authorization and authorization, seven utility model and invention patents in the trial.
At the same time, the company by microbial fermentation, biological synthesis and microcapsule technology as the core technology, actively implement the "to the expansion of the application of diversification, the diversification of product development, to the international market development" of "three expand" development strategy. Company to expand the application fields of ARA, DHA, in children's milk products, health food, snack food, and other fields to provide more rich and complete product solutions; On this basis, a strong research and development of lipid nutrition of new products, the current beta carotene has entered the stage of trial production, including other carotenoid astaxanthin, lycopene, and other products have completed the previous technical reserves, functional lipids products (OPO) has completed the key technological innovation. In terms of the international market, the company ARA oil passed the certification of the GRAS NF in the European Union, the United States and have been exported to abroad nearly 20 countries and regions; Cooperation agreement with DSM, cargill, and enhance the company's internationalization, expand the overseas market space.